Other Stuff

These are the smaller and obsolete programs that I have written.

Wallpaper Maker
Sometime in high school while doodling in my notebook I discovered the Klauber triangle. A few years later I realized it made a cool desktop wallpaper, and released a tool that allows you to generate your own wallpaper of it.

Konsler's Cookies
Video game where you play Mr. Konsler and eat cookies. Get your high score on the leaderboards!

Shattered Husky
Program to convert winterboard themes to the IconBundles format. Has been replaced by Theme Lab: Converter

BootGIF 1.0
Program to convert GIFs to bootlogo animations. Has since been replaced by BootGIF 2.

Clim8 Change
Overly ambitious attempt to create theme builder. Worked okay. Made obsolete by IconBundles format.

Clim8 Change Theme Converter
Used to convert iOS 6 themes to iOS 7. Used app database from Clim8 Change.