Clim8 Change


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Notice: Creating a winterboard theme is much easier now, making this project obsolete

Creating a Winterboard theme involves two very different tasks. First the artist must design their icons, and export them to images. Then the artist must spend hours resizing, and saving copies of the icon to hard to find folders, and even more obscure icon names. They often have to download and pay for several apps, just to figure out how to theme them. Due to several iOS bugs, there is no guarantee that an icon will display properly, in spotlight, settings, and the homescreen. Few, if any, theme makers take an additional step to overwrite icons to the proper size if the app being themed had not included these icons.

Clim8 Change takes away the entire second stage for the designer. There is no reason an artist should spend their time doing something that should not be needed. The program uses a database compiled from several users to automatically find the icons it needs to create a theme. It detects several possible bugs, and uses complicated tricks to work around them, making each icon display perfectly, the first time around.


The power of Winterboard. The ease of Summerboard