Clim8 Change Version History


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0.2.854 (3/2/14)

    Many fixes for iPads

    High quality themes can now be made for retina iPhones, and non-retina iPads on iOS 7. Retina iPads are untested

    Experimental support for iOS 6 retina iPhones

    Added nearly 400 apps to the database

    Now uses much higher quality scaling algorithm, as requested

    Icons can now be given in folders as well as images, as requested

   Icons and folders can now be named from app bundle names as well as display names (useful for apps with several current versions, such as Angry Birds), as requested

    Improved UI

    Fixed several crashes

    Added support for more settings icons, however some are still missing


    Initial Release

Future releases

    Full retina iPad support

    Better iOS 6 support

    Better error detection and reporting

    More options for icons