BootGIF History


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    Added support for drag & drop

    Vastly improved preview

    Removed tons of jankiness from the UI, redid a lot of it.

    Added support for iPhone 6/6+ sizes

    Added a help window with FAQs and a link to contact me

    Fixed issues with .gifs that aren’t actually gifs and related issues

    Improved file naming and a few minor things

    Fixed a bunch of minor issues


    Supports even more gifs! Almost got them all now...

    New opening window

    Checks to see if its the latest version from server

    New preview option that plays the entire animation before writing it out

    Added fade out to apple logo

    Added lots of tooltips and UI changes to make everything easier to understand

    Added popup for gifs that Java cannot read, instead of crashing the program. Again, these are gifs that cause Java’s gif reader to throw an exception, there is little I can do.


1.0 (6/25/14)

    Huge update!

    Now supports optimized gifs

    Reduced memory usage, only extremely large and long GIFs cause issues.

    Now supports looping gifs

    Built in fade from apple logo, supports black and white iPhones and iPads

    New logo

    Minor bug fixes

0.11 (4/1/14)

    Minor fixes, still major issues with optimized and large gifs

0.1 (4/1/14)

    Initial Release